How do we find cheap flights?

Just smart algorithms and passionate people.

Step 1

Tomo is powered by a powerful engine that searches for cheap flights every hour, every day

Step 2

Whenever Tomo finds a deal, we approve it and then Tomo messages you on Facebook Messenger

Step 3

You book the flight, enjoy the savings, and live happier with your family or friends

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tomo?

Tomo is a chat bot built by passionate travelers and tech enthusiasts to search for great travel deals 24/7. Initially it was just for us, but seeing how many interesting deals it can find we decided to share it with everyone else.

Is Tomo a travel agent?

No, Tomo only searches for awesome deals. Every time he finds a great deal, he sends you a message on Facebook Messenger. You'll book it directly from the airline or online travel agency.

Can you find me tickets from A to B?

For the moment no, but if you need help with a specific flight you can message Tomo "personalized help" and we'll do everything we can to help you.

How does it work?

When Tomo finds a great deal, he immediately sends you a message. If you like the deal, you can book it directly from the airline or an online travel agency. It's as simple as that.

How many messages should I expect?

It depends on your location or region. If you live in the US and choose to receive "extended" deals, you can expect 1-2 great deals per day. If you only want deals for your specific location, you can get 1-2 deals per week or even per month depending on your location.

Is it free?

Yes, it is completely free of charge. Anyone can benefit from the deals discovered by Tomo. No membership is required and there's no app to install as well.

Do you send affiliate links?

No, Tomo does not receive referral fees from any booking sites. Our only incentive is to find great deals for you.

There is no free lunch, how do you guys make money?

We believe that if we can provide real value to our users, they will be more than willing to give something back. For example, if we saved you $300 on a flight, wouldn't you be happy to pay us $5-$10? But this is for later, we really want to build something useful first.

Do the deals expire?

The deals Tomo finds are so great that they usually sell out fast. We recommend you book the flight immediately when you like a deal.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can message us through Tomo at any time and we'll reply as soon as we can.

Who are the persons behind Tomo?

Alex, Nesha and Vlad.

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